Have fun travelling, FC. Keep us posted as to what’s up while on the road!

Spent part of today learning how I can be more involved with the Undergrad Alma Mater. Came to the conclusion, once again, the being Asian American isn’t simple; and that the dream that Asian America will one day learn to unite continues (or, as I’d joke, “Can East Asians and South Asians come and work together?” is going to remain a perpetual question). Numerically speaking, East Asians (particularly Chinese/Chinese Americans) outnumber the other Asians in the East coast (I’m just using that by way of example, not trying to be exclusive), which ends up making the East Coast universities’ Asian Alumni groups more East Asian by appearance – but it isn’t really the reality, not quite that. Just my own two cents, really; don’t attribute my opinions to others (particularly with whatever group I’m affiliated), please! Oh, and my own personal questions of how Alma Mater may reach out and be more effective with alumni (both alumni as a general population of the Alma Mater community, and alumni of color specifically) – those continue to persist too. Guess I have to be patient and remain open-minded, and learn more as I go along.

Some snow this morning, but nothing more than a dusting; supposedly warmer (but the air remained chilly; wind chill closer to the 30’s rather than the actual 40 odd degrees temperature).

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