Here’s a suggestion to the creative minds out there – invent a way to find missing keys (there was that episode on the Cosby show where the family bought Cliff a key chain that made noise when it’d go missing, assuming one has the remote control to set off the noise; what I wouldn’t do to have that right now). I’m just tossing the house upside down trying to find my keys…

Oh — Yay! I’m not insane after all – keys were in the pants pocket all along (ok, so I am insane after all for not having realized that at all – but oh well).

“Amazing Race” – Rob and Amber – I thought the part at the end where Amber says, “I could never have done it without him!” was too funny – I mean, yeah, Amber, you could never do anything without Rob (and that smirky lying self of his) (not to mention winning the million on “Survivor”). (on the other hand, what does Rob see in her anyway? other than being his ticket to championhood and another million, that is).

Hate frigid cold winter. Icy streets. Sucky subway. (the lousy MTA strikes again; not telling people why the train isn’t working isn’t a way to win over customers in the land of Bensonhurst, my friends). Two more weeks before spring…

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  1. What if you lose the key finder or the remote control thing? Hmm. Anyway, at least Sharper Image always has cool stuff. Looks like a nice Xmas/birthday kind of gift – I ought to at least consider getting it for my brother, if not for myself.

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