Wednesday into Thursday

Ok, I’m going to have to make a second viewing of the season premiere of “Alias” (I taped it, of course, even though I was watching it). (plus, it’s crazy to put it on Wednesday night – not to say that I don’t prefer this time slot, but it’s up against a lately-more-interesting “West Wing” and I will feel really torn once “Jack and Bobby” is back on Wednesday nights at 9pm from its midseason hiatus – how will I choose between watching the presidential tv shows and the spy show? hmm)…

Anyway, it’s the usual crazy Secret Agent Sidney stuff (What in the world did her father do this time to earn her distrust and angst? — and once it’s revealed, one is left thinking, “Oh, Jack – there has to be more than this, as usual!”; Sloane is still evil, no matter what he does or says; and, with much echoes to the series’ season 1 premiere – like the scene where Jack Bristow saves his daughter Sidney, even though she doesn’t feel the love for him, just like in the series premiere – and some season 1 plot development again – since Sidney is essentially lying to her friend(s) about what she’s doing as far as the Profession is concerned)… Head spinning stuff. – cool slide essay on Isamu Noguchi.

I don’t know why NY Daily News didn’t have this article posted on their website, but I liked it – in Wednesday’s Daily News, Dick Weiss wrote a profile on University of Southern California’s offensive coordinator Norm Chow (USC Trojans won the Orange Bowl Tuesday night) – Head Coach Pete Carroll gave much of the credit to Chow, who apparently had some great plays and inspires quarterbacks. A Chinese-Hawaiian Mormon, he played college football and Canadian Football League; he’s a Brigham Young University Phd., and had been their college football team’s offensive coordinator (mentoring former NFL quarterback Steve Young back in the day). While Chow’s quoted to be interested in being a head coach someday (cool, an APA head coach, if it can happen), Chow’s proud to support the Trojan dynasty (can we call it a dynasty? I don’t know college football enough to say anything). Here’s the profile from USC.

According to Wednesday’s Daily News, Channel 9 (WWOR) will be the free tv station for Yankees games. The NYC area is now living in an age where Channel 11 (WPIX), the station that used to air Yankees games and Phil Rizzuto’s Holy Cow, is showing Mets games – and starting this upcoming baseball season, Channel 9, the ex-Mets station (36 years of the Mets’ era; plus those Kiner’s Korners, where Ralph Kiner interviewed people), will have the Yanks. It’s like Channel 11 and Channel 9 traded places (well, some five years after the fact anyway). And, there is something so wrong about this. (well, that’s just me, I guess).

Did I mention that I had finished reading “Sense and Sensibility” (Jane Austen) last week? Dry humor – funny; ending was a little odd to me; but all right read. I think I preferred “Pride and Prejudice” as far as a novel, although I really liked the humor of “Sense and Sensibility.”

Thursday’s coming…

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