How do I choose what to watch at 9pm, when NBC has “West Wing,” ABC has “Alias,” and WB has “Jack and Bobby”? I at least have two VCRS, but this is nuts.

The latest “Jurisprudence” in Nicholas Thompson argues that having Antonin Scalia as Chief Justice is better for liberals, because (1) his idea of federalism can be to the advantage of liberals (ok, I buy that; once power is given to states, you can have the scenario that while the red states may ditch abortion rights and the study of evolution, the blue states can do otherwise); (2) if the liberals let Scalia be Chief Justice, maybe they can then negotiate for a moderate justice (would be nice to have another moderate around); (3) well, Scalia is a smart man (so, he will make the logical and legally correct decision, even if it isn’t always the preferably conservative one). Hmm. Well, at least you get to avoid a scenario of a Ch. J. Clarence Thomas.

Frigid cold. Argh.


Now this is pretty scary although not surprising given the obesity obsession recently in the US and elsewhere.

Quintessential NYC eats: Paying a Price for Doughnuts, Burgers and Pizza. So will all the food, you’ll die younger anyways! What a cruel and ironic twist. Not enough food, die of starvation. Too much food, die of obesity related illnesses – diabetes, heart disease etc. You can’t win.

I figure being Chinese and living in Taipei, you eat everything like gizzards, livers, butt, nose, ears, intestines, stomach, heart, feet, tendons bones, blood…. Nothing is wasted here, typical Chinese cooking. I say, if you’ve eaten everything, what’s to fear?

I miss the food in NYC. *sigh*