Toronto wrapup

D'oh More photos are here. We wrapped up our attendance of a Hakka Chinese conference at York University. We took my uncle there — he put one kid through there, and has another one presently, so it was kind of a back to school experience for him. That night we went to the Carribean Chinese Association’s New Year’s Eve Ball, which featured a live reggae band. The sight of 400 Carribean-Chinese, many of them middle-aged, dancing to sca and reggae was something amazing. The next day we went to the CN Tower, which was practically empty because of the holiday. Afterwards, we went through the downtown Chinatown, had Vietnamese sandwiches, and then made it back to Eaton Plaza, where we had Carribean ox-tail stew, rice and beans, roti, and whitefish. We quickly ran back to the house for our ride back to the airport. Having a few Canadian bucks left over, we bought some additional duty-free items. After a luggage fiasco (they announced the wrong baggage pickup area) we finally recovered everything and went home. I’m working on my annual recap message now….

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  1. The conference sounds fascinating. Will there be transcripts or publications out on it? Is York U. putting up streaming video on-line about the conference? Just curious.

    Anyway, sounds like you guys had a way cool new year’s eve…

  2. Oh, and by the way, the Simpsons ice cream photo there – that’s just priceless. 😉 (well don’t mind me – I’ve been watching too much of those Simpsons dvd’s…)

  3. Sweet ;). Sounds great and I would definitely be up to know more about conference topics and discussions if they’re going to print or publish them.


  4. Don’t know about the papers but I will ask. Didn’t know Homer was French: his favorite flavor is “Pate a biscuits D’oh”!

  5. “Pate a biscuits” – umm, my French has never been spectacular, but I’m guessing that that’s cookies and cream – cookie dough, maybe? (“cookie paste” literal translation, I think). And, shouldn’t Homer be saying “Cookie dough… Mmm…” (well, no, wait, now I get it… d’oh…)… 😉

  6. Here’s another [url=]Hakka site[/url]. You need to know how to read Chinese though.

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