Tonight, ABC’s showing the perennial Christmas favorite, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – commercial break right now. I didn’t realize this until before – this cartoon has the missing Peanuts character, Shermy (Charlie Brown’s sidekick before Linus and Snoopy prevailed) (Lucy has assigned the role of the shepherd for the Christmas play, and Shermy says, “I’m always assigned to be the shepherd…”). Poor kid hasn’t been seen in any comic strip or cartoon since…. (well, or so I’m guessing, since Shermy was usually in the 1950’s/1960’s editions).

Good grief, Charlie Brown. Wait until they get to the part where Charlie Brown gets the pathetic little Christmas Tree…

(by the way- this is a Tuesday, 12/7/04 post, contrary to the dating of the header…)

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  1. ShermyShermy just doesn’t seem very interesting. He really was not differenciated very well from Charlie Brown, and much of his characteristics ended up melding with Charlie.

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