Thanks for the birthday wishes, FC.

Friday: “Star Trek: Enterprise” – well, I need to rewatch the episode, since I feel confused. So, T’Pol’s husband is a nice guy after all; Ambassador Soval is a good guy; Shran, the resident Andorian, really is NOT a nice guy – he’s more of a gray character who will do the ultimate Right Thing, when he sees the futility of the non-Right Thing to do (his torturing Soval was, well, torture – one kept wondering if it was really worthwhile for the Andorian to do that; plus, it was almost (not quite) reminiscent of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” scenes where Captain Picard was tortured by the Cardassians (Picard’s infamous line: “I see two lights!”)); and what does the revolution on Vulcan mean for the humans? Hmm. (ok, time to get away from my Trek references now…)

Saturday: my sis and I checked out the latest exhibit, “Have you eaten yet?: The Chinese Restaurant in America”, at the Museum of Chinese in the Americas (MoCA). Cool little exhibit for a cool little museum (a very community based organization, located smack on Mulberry St. in Chinatown). The title of the exhibit – the greeting Chinese speakers use upon seeing/speaking to each other – the idea of how Chinese restaurants have been not merely livelihoods but also cultural brokers – non-Chinese Americans’ introduction to non-American cuisine and Asians in America. Plus, when we went, they had a video showing of this multi-part documentary, “Chinese Restaurants”; we sampled the episodes on the Chinese communities of Trinidad&Tobago and Cuba. Really interesting stuff.

Sunday: Watched the dvd of “Ocean’s Eleven.” Cool heist movie, with some laughs. George Clooney – see, I remembered him from back in the day, when he was on “Facts of Life” (yeah, really, he was! He was the handyman/obligatory male who never did anything to the girls on the show); felt perplexed about him as Dr. Doug on “ER”; avoided him as Batman (no, he is not Bruce Wayne/Batman, even if he tried real hard – and that is based on what little I’ve seen of the movie); thought he was a laugh in “Intolerable Cruelty” – but thought he was way cool as Danny Ocean. Oh, and Matt Damon did a nice job. Brad Pitt – almost subtle. Looking forward to “Ocean’s Twelve.”

Tonight, the local PBS showed the latest documentary on NYC history/sociology – “Walk Through Queens” with tv personality David Hartman and and historian Barry Lewis. Watched most of it – looked really good (this stuff makes anyone want to be a history walking tour aficionado – walking is good exercise and history’s good for the mind, and studying arts and architecture ain’t so bad either).

Yet another work week… [by the way, this is a 12/6/04 post…]

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