This whole Senator Arlen Spector debacle is disturbing to me for a wide variety of reasons. A perfectly decent enough senator (an incumbent who had to battle the conservatives in his own party during a nasty primary – just to keep his seat), who’s up for chairmanship by virtue of seniority; the so-called conservatives knocked him for being too “liberal” (whatever that may mean anymore these days; although I read somewhere that the liberals in the world still haven’t forgiven Spector for the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings) because they (whoever they may be) who don’t like his not-conservative views (and haven’t forgiven him for not voting for Bork for the Supreme Court – which is a long time ago already, forget the Anita Hill thing – get over it already, folks!). And, then he made a remark that upset said conservatives, who then demanded that he show he deserves the chairmanship (when even the Judiciary committee endorsed him already). So, Spector has to promise to abide by the conservative agenda, or else swear fealty to the presiden. I know being in the judiciary committee is extremely important, and that the senator is beholden to his constituency – but I still have that bad taste in my mouth about all this.

I’m hoping to watch “Enterprise” (I taped it – or maybe I’ll catch the re-broadcast). And, “Joan of Arcadia.” One of these days, I’ll do a round-up on the shows I’ve been watching this fall.

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