Saturday Postscript

We New Yorkers are the world’s luckiest people. My sis and I went to the free re-opening of the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA) – 45 minute wait in the rain (turned out it was only 45 minutes – but it felt like an hour and a half to me, which goes to show you how my impatience exaggerates everything) — well, it was worth it – major pieces of masterpieces (Picasso, Matisse – I drool over those two guys – Van Gogh – Mondrian – DeKoonig – Warhol – Pollock; Johns; etc); major new architecture… and it’s such a small world – since we bumped into FC and P-. Of course, whether I’d pay $20 admission to come for another visit – well, I don’t know. But, it’s great stuff.

And, even though we later walked by Rockefeller Center, home of NBC, we did not see NBC’s Tom Brokaw. Eh. The guy will have the big send-off and he probably would do without me actually saluting him in person (yeah, and he’ll accuse me of watching way too much of PBS’ Jim Lehrer, but it’s not my fault that Lehrer’s at a more convenient time slot for me).

Raining again. What’s with the on-off-on rain today? It just makes for all-around yuckiness…

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