Well Suited

The suit that I bought in Malaysia finally showed up today in my office, USD$20 in Taiwanese postage and a few customs inspections later, but it made it in one piece (or 2 pieces), just in time for my birthday. I’ve tried it out with YC before — it’s well made and very generous in terms of the extra material to ensure durability. Generous is also an apt term because I must have been really chowing down in Ipoh, because the jacket is a tad loose, but that is probably to my advantage later. I really like the reinforced pockets, as well as the secret hip pocket in the pants. Rome Tailors in Ipoh is definately worth a return visit.

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  1. Hey FC,

    I’m glad it got there ok. Sorry my usual email has been really flakey. Lots of off-island mail is getting bounced and I’m not sure why.

    Anyhow, belated Happy B-day. Sorry I’ve been so out of it here. Bad internet connections, multiple projects and with B- here in Taipei with me, I’ve had to live a different lifestyle. It’s all good.


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