I never quite thought that I’d see it in my life time, but apparently it has actually happened – the Boston Red Sox has won the World Series. The world may not have ended, but the world as we knew it indeed has ended. Maybe pigs will start flying now or something like that. God forbid, maybe even the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday now. I will spare non-Bosox fans any links to some heart-wrenching articles (at least, assuming I don’t find anything worthy of reading).

Well, enough of the melodrama on my part.

100 yrs of the subway. Cool. And, it’s also been 100 yrs of the plane (the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC, was 100 yrs ago). So, if we think about it – it’s been 100 yrs of planes, (underground) trains, and automobiles…

Lunar eclipse. Cool.

Umm – is this for real? Anthropologists have discovered an early human or human-like species – that resemble hobbits. Methinks that someone out there have been reading/watching way too much Lord of the Rings.

Other stories:

I can’t get over this story – how a British police officer, Sgt. Colin Webber (whose wife, Claire, is a constable – both of whom are of the Leicestershire constabulary) managed to stop a fleeing knife-stabber assaulter when Sgt. Webber and the missus were in the jewelry district browsing (they were on vacation – as off-duty as two cops could have been). Check out the more expansive version of this story on NY Times. NY1.com has some footage too.

And, the prize for least-surprising story of the day – “Study: Sleepy Doctors Make More Errors.” – apparently, it takes a funded study to prove what years of “ER” and other medical dramas (and “Scrubs”) and common sense have long known about those people in the hospitals who are overworked – they don’t quite function up to snuff if they’re that tired. D’uh. The real problem is how do you reform it, when the reality is that training medical doctors takes so much time and effort – not too mention risk (they do learn from their mistakes – you just hope nothing fatal occurs or at least a causal link to death type of occurence).

Ok, let’s just get through this Thursday without incident – especially to those in Boston…

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