Total eclipse of the heart

Dropped by the New York City Transit Museum during lunch – it was free today for the centennial. Most of it were the same since the last time I visited. The new exhibit was about the opening celebrations 100 years ago , including the solid silver control handle used on the first ride, and several hefty silver Tiffany mermentos. I picked up some centennial first day covers from the postal workers there. I also like looking at the maps – my childhood house was near the juncture of two overhead lines, so I like trying to find it on old maps.

To top off the ominous potents, tonight there was a total eclipse of the moon. I was looking at it, the ‘hunters moon’, and it had turned dark red. Some of the best viewing was had along Ocean Parkway. Once the moon was dark, the stars came out in a way you don’t get to see any other time. Historically, eclipses and comets mark tramatic events on earth — will it occur again? Like those typhoons, something you have to experience for yourself.

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