“Star Trek: Enterprise” – wow. Amazing episode. The whole digital filming thing has made the picture really stunning. Plus – this time, the writing’s tight and plotting really interesting, which made for pretty good acting. Scott Bakula was his strongest as Capt. Archer (I had liked him when he was Sam Beckett in “Quantum Leap” – so seeing him tonight as an able character was just great Archer wasn’t a Janeway, so to speak (and longtime Trekkies will know what I mean – and I’m someone who didn’t really hate Capt. Janeway). Brent Spiner (the former Data of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) – he’s quite an actor. Oh, and the rest of the cast and guest cast were pretty good too (again, good writing helps). I can almost forgive the Trek folks for the ridiculous cliffhanger of last season and the weird alternate WWII history episodes.

Notice how nicely that I haven’t given away anything plot-wise? 😉 Seriously, it was a good episode – and I think we’re supposed to get more of Spiner for another two episodes. Maybe continue with this stronger Archer… for the rest of the season. If you missed the episode tonight, catch the re-broadcast (Channel 9, 7pm, in NYC metro area).

Oh, and I forgot to mention this in the Wednesday night post — I was at the alma mater law school Wednesday night for a reception, and of course there’s the excited chatter about the new building and that there’s a bed in the student lounge to sample the new bed for the new dorm… So, when I left the law school, and passed by the lounge, I had to just stand there and realize, Good Grief – the dean wasn’t kidding – there was a bed in the lounge. Gosh, I remember all the times just about everybody has slept in the sofas of the lounge and the library and how my classmates would joke that they ought to put beds… and there was a real bed right there…

Eh. So the world changes; the rest of the law school looked pretty much the same (oh, ok, so the last time I was there was just six months ago, but I look for the little changes, really I do).


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