Tuesday into Wednesday

Yankees v. Bosox – the saga continues. A historic Game 7 of the American League playoffs is on tomorrow.

Oh, and that stepchild National League playoffs, Houston v. St. Louis, is still on by the way – Game 6 tomorrow.

In the middle of all these sports, FOX has been promoting all its crappy yet-to-premiere new reality shows. And, I mean craptacular. I wouldn’t watch this stuff and the commercials are only making me want to avoid them – “My Big Fat Boss…” and then there’s “The Rebel Billionaire” to compete for Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson’s job (kind of watchable, but still silly – like I’m really supposed to believe that doing Branson-type stunts will really land someone his job of running the airlines and music and all that).

FOX’s promotion of the series “House, M.D.” is actually intruiging. Of course, I say that because I’m a big fan of the star, the British actor, Hugh Laurie, who’s playing House, a doctor who solves the causes of weird medical problems as if he were a cop. (a cooler looking version of NBC’s “Medical Investigation” – which hasn’t been nearly as cool as I was hoping it’d be). Laurie, though, is playing an American, so it’s jarring hearing his accent. But, he looks cool and I like that FOX is actually premiering a non-reality series.

Oh, and “The O.C.,” “The Simpsons,” and “Arrested Development,” are also being nicely promoted in the middle of the Major League Baseball playoffs. Hopefully FOX will get the ratings to show for this effort.

NY1 is doing an interesting comparison: “A Tale of Two Subways” – see how Tokyo’s system matches up with NYC’s.

Apparently, the attorney representing the woman suing Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment is someone who was admitted to the NYS bar without going to law school. Slate.com’s “Explainer” nicely explains how the admissions process worked for this attorney (although, I think most of us lawyers who went through the NYS admissions process probably knew about this explanation already).

Slate.com’s Chris Suellentrop posts that he heard Presidential candidate John Kerry speaking French – but the recording was hard to hear (or else Kerry’s French is a little on the garbled side). An intruiging listen anyway for me (yep, studying French for years is good for something). (oh, and Slate readers ended up translating for Suellentrop; Kerry apparently told Haitian-Americans that he plans to help Haiti).

Bring on the Yankees v. Bosox. I’m so not eager for a Houston v. Bosox World Series (for a number of reasons, but I’ll let the readership figure out the implications)…

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