Ol’ Man River

Ballgame over…Series over…Pennant’s over…. you know the rest. Pretty poor performance on the part of the Yankees. P– is probably not in a good mood…. I only heard it on the radio, but it sounded like it was the pitching that was at fault.

Listening to PBS’s Broadway series. It sounds something like Ken Burns’ Civil War miniseries documentary. While generally good, there are some serious gaps: what happened to the Three-Penny Opera (Mac the Knife)? They tag Show Boat as the first modern Broadway musical, although I think that Gilbert and Sullivan counts. Coincidentally, The Three-Penny Opera was based on another British musical, The Beggar’s Opera, which was performed on Nassau Street around the corner from J&R Music World in 1750. For more info, see Musicals 101.

For everyone trying to get an education at the Electoral College in this election cycle, check out Electoral Vote 2004. I don’t know how this guy can consolidate 41 polls a day.

Shoutout to ssw — two years at the same job! Congrats!.

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  1. Pitching was indeed at fault. Made for not pretty tv (well, if you were a Yankees fan or a non-Boston fan, it certainly wasn’t pretty). Oh, well; let’s see what can happen next with Bosox.

    Thanks for the good wishes, FC! So weird to be at the same place for two years.

    Oh, and I have to look into these weird comments to my past blog posts – have you seen them, FC? Some spammer out to get the blog; I’ll have to delete this guy’s stuff…

    TGIF tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the regards, FC. Yep – it’s two years at the same job. Time flies when…

    Yankees v. Bosox – yep, I blame it on the pitching. Not pretty tv (well, it wasn’t pretty if you were a Yanks fan/non-Bosox fan).

    Oh, and I don’t know if you notice this, FC, but there’s a spammer on the blog – someone weird posting comments to my posts (which then clog my bulk e-mail box; who is this mysterious “texas holdem” and “online poker”???) – must delete this weird stuff…. (I can do it when I get a chance)….

    TGIF tomorrow.

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