What do you do when you lose confidence in the system? What if you don’t know how the system can be changed? Do you reject the system or do you continue to participate in changing the system? What happens in the interim? We’re not up to that point in the election, but I am up to that point in yesterday’s competition.

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  1. It would depend on what “system” it is we’re up against. If the system is the only game in town, then I suppose one needs to suck it up and deal.

    I often butt heads against the corporate system. Over time, I’ve bailed (e.g. found a new job), or fought it and found allies to change the system for the better. The latter takes so much energy that I can’t imagine doing it alone unless one was young and “stupid”, which I was once but no longer.

    Nowadays, I pick and choose and walking away sometimes is just the better part of valor although in another time and place I probably would’ve viewed such talk as cowardice. Age and life mellows out some :).

    I hope you good folks are doing well. AJ had to go to France for a week and so I’ve been left alone doing two jobs. it’s been fun.


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