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The whole flu vaccine shortage is quite a debacle; I like how this NY Times article demonstrates how the debacle crosses into areas of science, politics, human psychology (for instance, it’s amazing how news of the shortage turned into population panic, with the lines of people getting all angsty over not getting their shot; versus reasonable doctors on tv telling people, “You know, if everyone washed their hands, we’d actually have an easier time preventing flu…”), and law. Yep. Just what we need… in the middle of an insane presidential election season (see, complete crossover into everything in life as we know it).

NYC has its first Asian fire chief, as Sophia Kwok – a Brooklynite via Hong Kong – was promoted to deputy chief of EMS operations last week. Cool.

NY Times’ Hilary De Vries interviews Korean-American actress Sandra Oh – very interesting stuff on what it means to be Asian, female, and a character actor in Hollywood.

Yankees v. Bosox. Crazy stuff last night – the game started looking like a football game, with that score (Bosox lost, 17-6); impossible for Bosox to come back from a 3 game deficit – or… well, things remain to be seen, of course. ‘Nuff said there.

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