I don’t know what it is about having to wake up real early and being totally unable to go to sleep at night. I’m going to have to get to Chinatown by 8:45 am to be picked up to go to Newark to judge a moot court competition. I’m catching up on old tv shows that I haven’t seen this week: Survivor (cool earthquake), Saturday Night Live (funny Town Hall debate parody), Tucker Carlson (spends a lot of time trying to convince you not to vote, idiot) , Enterprise (the other Tucker’s in Brooklyn).

Dallas BBQ opens up one block away, really bad. $6 for a fresh juicy rotisserie chicken is good eats. They are doing gangbuster business, taking far better advantage of the space there.

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  1. Dallas BBQ? For real? In Bklyn???!

    I’ve “Star Trek: Enterprise” season premiere episode part 2 on tape as we speak. Such a fake, fake Brooklyn of the (alternative time line) 1940’s. I’ll make my comments once I finish watching my tape; the powers that be of “Star Trek” must somehow re-earn my respect; I get the feeling that’ll take awhile, and they were so close to doing that last season (but for the idiotic cliffhanger in last season’s season finale/almost series finale). It’s so obvious that the season premiere is just trying so hard to dig themselves out of that cliffhanger (with a ridiculous alternative timeline, which is still unclear as to how this solution really did solve everything…) Umm, now I’m just rambling. Ok, talk to you later…

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