I’m outta breath

Thanks FC for posting up the pics. Glad your epicurean delights have been satisfied here :D. Besides HK, NYC, Ipoh has great eats. I think the banquet went well, most people I’ve talked to said it was good. I particularly was happy with the roasted suckling pig!

I’ve just barely checked into the Carlton Hotel Singapore this morning at 8am local time. B- and I did the red-eye bus trip from Ipoh to Singapore. It was the reverse commute that FC took from Singapore to Ipoh a few days earlier. Big ol’ Grassland bus company Super VIP bus. Froze like a popsicle stick but luckily had a light jacket to brave the artic freeze.

Hook up laters with FC for some breakfast. Then onto work for half a day in Singapore. I dunno, I think I’m too work oriented on the week of my wedding. B-‘s a little miffed. Ah, wedding bliss.


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  1. I’m writing in the same hotel as YC, just 2 flights up from here. We’re down the block from the famed Raffles hotel, where we will have high tea…

  2. Roasted suckling pig – mmm. High tea at a famous hotel – mmm. Ok… I’m being Homer Simpson again… mmm… 😉

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