Heading Home

I’m currently in the transit lounge at Incheon, South Korea. At an airport such as this one, a long layover is actually an advantage. I had time for a shower and massage, had a spicy hot beef soup fixed meal, and this chewy pumpkin barley candy. Yesterday, B–, her aunt and I spent the day touring Singapore, mostly the Chinatown, while YC and AS had a business meeting. Also we had the obligatory high tea at the Raffles Hotel, which is around the corner from my hotel.

I’m running for the gate now, but more pictures to come….

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  1. Well, glad to know that Incheon is really hospitable! Glad you made the hotel FC! I was actually quite worried that you didn’t make it, doing another OJ imitation again. We got our 9:30pm NICE Plusliner bus and arrived at the hotel at 2pm for late check-in. The bus driver flew and we breezed through customs.

    Anyways, in the AMPMEZone cybercafe (http://www.ampmezone.com/) near Bintang Walk and the Melia hotel where I’m staying.

    Catch you laters,


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