Friday the 13th

I’ll likely post again later, but here’s something in the meantime…

I like this ad that Sprint has been running lately – “Business is Beautiful” – a bunch of people dancing and singing to a 1970’s disco/rock/gospel type tune; wherein business yuppies and health care providers and so on all sing and dance their love for Sprint’s business software/hardware capabilities. If I can find it, I’ll link to the ads. It’s the kind of ad campaign where you end up singing and dancing along to the tune, even if you don’t quite approve/appreciate/understand the stuff that Sprint is pushing on people (and they’re specifically targetting the entrepenurial sector of the tv audience – not like I’m going to use Sprint for my business purposes). The press release explains it… has this bizarre story that Colin Powell the man is meeting up with Colin Powell the cat (a black cat, on top of that) on Friday the 13th for a photo op. Huh?

Athens Olympics 2004 Opening Ceremony – let the NBC All Olympics, All the Time marathon begin…

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