More Wednesday

Watching this really interesting Great Performances on local PBS (official link not up yet on PBS’ national website) – the world’s greatest living classical musicians playing loads of pianos at once, on the same stage – weird. And they all look so pleased and having fun with each other. Cool.

“Flicks you’re embarrassed to love…” – I haven’t watched most of these (not very good) movies in this posting, although, curiously, local UPN did recently broadcast the weird 1980’s summer volleyball movie, “Sideout” (I watched parts of it, because I had no life that weekend) very B-level kind of odd crap – definitely guilty pleasure stuff for someone out there (no, not me). Oh, and so pleased that someone in this article mentioned “Flash Gordon” – seriously guilty pleasure crap (Channel 11 used to have an annual showing of it at one point – I think people just enjoy it for the Queen soundtrack so you can sing along… “Flash… Ah-aahhh savior of the universe…”). Not that I love “Flash Gordon,” but it is one of those movies which sucks you in when it’s on.

A heart-warming story of… the drunk driver who tells the cops to arrest him. My goodness, I had no idea that had these kind of little stories linked.

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