One – Two Punch

I made two trips to the bank today, one to throw some money into my bank account so that I can pay off my zip car, and one to cash in my reimbursement for my Rhode Island trip. Boy did I ever need that money.

In a second one – two punch, two hurricanes, Bonnie and Charley, are crashing in on Friday and Sunday. Miraculously, Saturday is all clear for our picnic. Yay! As I write this, the hailstones are starting to bounce off of the AC….

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  1. The picnic is a darn lucky thing… how are you going to get out there, FC? Going by mass transit, I think…

  2. I’m taking a zipcar, but I’m going to costco to pick up the burgers. You can hitch with P– if send me directions to your house.

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