Major League Baseball All-Star Game on right now. What the heck was going on with that top of the first inning? Pitcher Roger Clemens giving up all these runs; his nemesis Mike Piazza catching him, but definitely not making Clemens feeling very comfortable. Crazy stuff that the NY baseball fans/NY media will feed on…

What’s with that annoying “Jeopardy” winner, Ken Jennings? Will he ever finish his never-ending run on the show? How I miss the days back when champions were not allowed to stay on longer than a week.

The passing of Isabel Sanford, best known to tv fans for her role as Louise “Weezie” Jefferson. Salute to a tv icon (I don’t have TV land or other rerun channel, but I spent way too much of the 1980’s watching stuff like the “Jeffersons,” a true sitcom classic. Like, remember the weird Halloween episode where Weezie, George, and the rest of their gang had to stop a murderer? Ah, there goes that theme song: the Jeffersons, livin’ way up in the sky…movin’ on up…).

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