Rain, rain, and more rain in the NYC metro area. It’s practically flooding in Jersey. Yech.

Interesting little quiz on Slate.com: “Red or Blue—Which Are You?”, wherein you fill out the on-line Scantron sheet (so reminiscent of my public school days, when we were inundated with Scantron sheets) and see what state (of mind, anyway) you are – red or blue. I answered the questions; turns out I knew some answers such the my state of mind is more “in the middle” (although I’d like to think that I leaned toward blue, being in a blue city in a bluish state; but I’m a proven moderate after all).

Apparently, Rolling Stone magazine has an interview with Garry Trudeau, the Doonesbury comic strip man, about what he recalls of his overlapping with George W. Bush in Yale, and Associated Press gets to reveal the interesting soundbites of said interview. Personally, I’ve heard some of Trudeau’s lines before (either on the interview he had with Ted Koppel way back when or in some article I read elsewhere). I’d be more interested if Trudeau had some recollection on John Kerry (who, I think, had some overlap with Trudeau and Bush at Yale; Yale must have been an interesting place in the 1960’s…)

I really don’t know whether to be relieved that ex-football coach Mike Ditka is deciding not to run for the GOP for the U.S. Senate seat of Illinois. And, why oh why are so many ex-athletes Republican anyway? Sports Illustrated had this odd photo spread (for the “Where are they now?” issue of profiling ex-athletes); the only politician (former or active)/ex-athlete who was a Democrat in the picture was Bill Bradley.

Check out “Beyond ‘Buffy’: State of sci-fi on TV” on MSNBC. Interesting article. It’s not like I have actual cable access to make my own accurate assessment on the state of tv sci-fi. But, if I’d have to put in some commentary, it’d be like this: local syndication has given me seasons 1-5 of “Stargate SG1” so many times (well, season 5 or 6, I forget which, is being shown like the third time this year on Channel 9…) and so what little of “SG1” I have seen has ways of irritating me for some unexplained reason (the writing isn’t tight enough for me or I’d wish they would develop the characters’ storylines just a tad more or else the parasite-power-mad alien premise just freaks me out too much or what; I just can’t figure it out). On the plus side, “SG1” has a talented cast; I’ve stopped seeing actor Richard Dean Anderson as his previous signature character of MacGyver (of course, that show has been gone so long so it’s only understandable that I would not ID him as MacGyver anymore; cannot say the same about Tom Selleck – will always see him as Magnum PI, which either says he’s not that good of an actor or else too good as Magnum – although he did a good job on “Friends”)…. Plus, I miss “Angel” and “Buffy”; their (inconsistently shown) reruns don’t quite satisfy. “Star Trek: Enterprise” needs improvement so badly (and I’ve probably said that so many times). What little of “Smallville” I’ve managed to catch this year only serves to annoy me (I am not a Superman person; can we please have Batman back? For real now, not some tease). “Charmed” is starting to really tick me off for skimping on its drama (and going too heavy on its campiness and having too many dumb holes in its plots; I’m too old for this show, obviously)…. Ok, I could go on, but it won’t be pretty, so I’ll just stop now.

I guess I got loaded on MSNBC links in this post. I guess I got bored with my usual websurfing sites; maybe I should look for new stuff to view.

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  1. I took the test and got I’m in the middle too but slightly on the red side of things. If red = Conservative or Republican than that’s kinda right on the mark.


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