Good Inn, Bad Pun, Ugly Color

When is a Chinese wedding not a Chinese wedding? When it’s at Rudolph Valentino’s house at Caffe on the Green in Bayside. Excellent food and fantastic service; I’d go back again — check out the photos. Except for the alleged January bias incident between a group of Chinese women and a group of Family members earlier this year, if you get what I mean. More detail at this website.

On Law & Order SVU episode “Angels”, someone must have been a friend of someone else or won a contest, because in the morgue shot, the coroner introduces the cast to their “forensic odontologist” (a.k.a. the guy that does your post mortem dental work), Dr. Nova Cain. That was really bad, folks.

It was a dark and stormy night…. except for the realization that the Borough of Kings has finally arrived — 24 hour Duane Reed in Downtown Brooklyn! It’s just as expensive as in the city ($1.19 + tax and deposit for a 16 oz. bottle of Coke), but there it is in all of its neon and fluorescent glory on the corner of Fulton and Smith, which is around the block from my house. Actually, there appears to be at least 3 – 24 hour locations in Brooklyn; CVS in the Kings Highway region is also 24 hours. Now at least if I’m in need, I have somewhere to crawl in the middle of the night.

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