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  1. 😀 precious! I noticed on her website that she listed her Meyer’s Brigg’s results. Interesting how it changes over time.

    Mine has always been INTJ. Have never changed. If indeed that personality is what it is and according to my theory, “fixed” at a certain time in life (i.e. your character is “locked” after high school).

    What are you all?


  2. Fascinating stuff. I’d never get around to taking the test, but I’ll have to check out the website and figure it out…

  3. Actually I would have taken YC to be E, not I, but that’s just me. I think that there is a public as well as a private profile that has to be considered. Actually, I would think that I’m borderline E/I and J/P (probably should actually take the test again to make sure). That would cause ones’s profile to shift. I attribute that borderlineness to being a Scorp cusp with Sag.

  4. Ah, see, that’s why I never know how to view personality tests, which I sometimes view as no better than horoscopes. I’m probably more introvert than extrovert, but then I have my moments. And, to say whether I’m more J than P or S than N or T or F – well, my answer is always, “That depends…” (that’s probably why I’m a lawyer) Maybe I should actually take the test. But, I’m too cheap to fork over the money for it (yeah, is there a category for “cheap”?) 😉 …

  5. once upon a time you could take the test for free on-line. Don’t recall the sites anymore. Maybe you can google hard and something might come up :).

    The thing about the “E” and “I” have nothing to do with the external characteristics….this is how it was explained to me. So that makes sens that I am an “I” and not an “E” at all. You can be an ‘extrovert’ but still be an “I” as per Meyer Briggs. Yes, very interesting :).

    For a lot of fun, the Emode site is really cool. But that is not free alas.


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