Such a Saturday

The perfect spring Saturday in NYC! The weather’s so wonderful – sunshine, not too warm, not brisk. Just right. Is Mother Nature holding global warming at bay today? Darn straight she is!

The news junkie that I am – am I amazed by how nostalgic the media has been about the Reagan era this week. They were such lovely times compared to our current state of terrorism, confusion, and polarized politics. Well, and just a thought to put out there: I recall the Ronald Reagan presidency as a warm and fuzzy time, as it was my warm and fuzzy childhood. With his passing, I can say that I can respect the man while withholding judgment on how I feel about his politics.

The passing of Ray Charles – wow, it’s so impressive how his music transcends any one genre.

I saw the latest Harry Potter movie today – it was okay. Pretty art filmy kind of way, compared to the two previous Potter movies. Actor Alan Rickman’s character was less annoying in the 2nd movie; actor Gary Oldman’s character still puzzles me; and actor Michael Gambon – well, he has a presence, but it’s not the same Prof. Dumbledore. Otherwise, I thought that the other characters were all right in the current movie (although that kid playing the Draco Malfoy character is clearly not a physically attractive adolescent – the teenage years never being easy, as they are). I haven’t read the books yet, so can’t say one way or another about accuracy. But, at least Movie 3 is making me want to read the books. Whether I can get to it remains to be seen. (I haven’t read Lord of the Rings yet either, but at least the movies were really great and one felt it so strongly).

The newspaper reviews for the Garfield movie (i.e., the one where Garfield the comic strip cat is computer animated but no one else is) is mostly negative, but Garfield still looks cute to me (more like a stuffed Garfield come to life and very kitty like, so I at least enjoy watching the trailer and commercials, even if I won’t watch the movie; Garfield’s certainly more easier to swallow than what Hollywood did to Scooby-Doo – ugh, cannot believe that Scooby got into two movies and he looks sillier than he ever did). Sort of amazed by how underwhelmed the critics are about it – I mean, at least demonstrate some sincerity about it (one critic made it seem like the vet Liz came out of nowhere – but Garfield followers would know that Liz has been in the comic strip for awhile) – one can pooh-pooh a less-than-average movie only so much. On the other hand, has an interesting article noting that Garfield hasn’t really sold out because he has always sold-out anyway. Wow. Talk about putting down the fat cat. I thought that the analysis was really sharp toned stuff.

I can re-read this article and still think it curiously interesting: – YiLing Chen-Josephson did a comparison shopping for to figure out which pens are best. I used to be very partial to Papermate pens, but when they’re about to run out of ink, they get all smudgy and ink gets on your fingers. So, I have no favorite pens for now, but Chen-Josephson has given me some thought on what I like about my writing implements.

The poem of the week, on – “Holding Hands” by Michael McFee – is nice. I love the imagery and the lyricism.

Enjoy the weather, whereever you are….

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