A summery June

The weather is way strange in NYC. Today is summer, as opposed to the three previous days of a nice spring. Eh.

–> Asians in the news:

Being the sucker that I am for news on royalty, it appears that Japan’s Crown Princess Masako is just buckling under the severe public and personal pressure that she’s under. A Harvard-educated woman who had a career in Foreign Service until she married the Crown Prince, Masako has since become “dowdy” and has only produced a daughter, contrary to the desires and expectations of the promoters of primogeniture of the Japanese royal bureaucracy. Considering that Crown Prince Naruhito’s brother himself has only daughters and there are no male descendants, Japan is going to have to quit it with the whole primogeniture thing. This Chicago Tribune article (via Yahoo) notes that Masako is “more or less a prisoner of her womb.” It makes me wonder what it means when educated, high class Asian women feel so oppressed, whether or not they put the stress on themselves or that it is their society that does it.

UC law professor John Yoo is in the news about his legal memoranda to the US Justice Department. Findlaw has an interesting analysis by Julie Hilden; she appears to say that while Yoo’s memoranda may be covered under his role as a lawyer advising the government (and therefore not a legal violation and to say otherwise would chill attorneys from advising the government), what he did may be morally wrong. Hmm. May the lay public, forget law students and lawyers, accept the distinctions between morality and legality? Hard to say.

–> Non-Asian-related (so far as I can tell) news: I couldn’t resist reading this article, while I was passing through Findlaw: “Man Charged With Chalupa Assault” – it’s a Taco Bell tort, apparently. ;-D

–> weddings and stuff like that… On Sunday, I highlighted the NY Times’ wedding announcement of the Piepers, of bar review fame (to be more precise, Mr. Pieper’s son – who I heard also teaches some of those classes). Therefore, upon further elaboration: the bride is a medical doctor; Pieper the Younger is a lawyer; plus Pieper the Younger’s parents are, well, dedicated to the family business (the wedding announcement notes that Pieper the Younger’s mom is an editor of the Pieper materials); so, I figure, hopefully, the bride can fit in this family’s activities (she could cover torts, I guess, or treat the students for carpal tunnel syndrome for writing their notes so much). (sidenote: thanks to FC for ruling on the side that the Piepers are public figures who can be referred (see his comment to my post); I had my guess there, considering that they’re in the business and are well known).

Well, June is wedding month (putting aside that it is bar review time, which the Piepers ought to know); congrats to the Piepers and to… [drum roll] J. Lo and Mark Anthony (hmm. was a pre-nup signed there? Any other rules of NYS Domestic Relations Law to consider? Oh, wait – Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony weren’t even married in NYS; but aren’t they still domociled in NYS? Oh whatever)….

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