Not that immediate, but Malaysia and NJ would be areas I’d be posting from. To make it more geographically diverse, SE Asia may be a better catch-all… in case we may be in Singapore or Manila.

So has any one tried out the bookmarklet/toolbar thinggy? I remember in the first incarnation, I couldn’t figure it out to use it, but theoretically it’s a neato feature for me when I’m surfing and feel compelled to blather about it…


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  1. I’ve tried the toolbar thing and it does work, although it puts the title of the page in the title field, which usually means I have to go back and edit. Its actually how I got the palm blogging to work.

    The new system has provisions for blogging via email. for when you want to be even more sneaky about your writing. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. blogging via email? Hm, yeah, that might work better for me. All those NYT Magazine articles for me to blather about and well, seems kinda difficult — tedious rather.


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