Saturday in the Museum with George

Will put more detail in this entry tonight, but the Philly trip went well. Learned the difference between Manet and Monet. Awesome Cheese Steaks at Jim’s Steaks on South Street and 4th:

More photos: Philly, International Food Fest

Saw Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love at BAM — a masterpiece. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 won the Palm d’Or at Cannes; 2046 went away with nothing. On the bright side, it should be at the SF APA film fest in March 2005.

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  1. Ah… Manet vs. Monet: easy way to know the difference, for those who really wanted to know – Manet (Edouard) is the one whose portraits of women, men, and children have piercing gazes and otherwise strange scenes with no discernible plots (like that painting of the picnic with the two clothed men and the two near naked women); Monet (Claude) is the one whose most known for his portraits of fleshy women, Impressionist colors and ideas (Japanese bridge over water, anyone?). Why their names just happen to be so similar… well, who knows. Small coincidence? It must have confused people back in their day, since Monet was influenced by the elder Manet… (would have loved to have seen that exhibit, by the way – were there lots of people, FC?).

    RE: FC’s pictures. You did plenty of the Rocky thing, huh, FC? 😉 Probably what everyone would do when they’re in Philadelphia. Did you get to sing the theme song while you were at it?

    Mmm. Philly cheesesteak. [insert Homer Simpson drooling here]. ’nuff said.

    Q subway/Coney Island station pictures? Nice (so glad to have more Coney Island subway lines back – makes transferring so much more easier! Now if only we can get the N back on that end of Brooklyn…). Be careful now, FC – you heard that the subway folks are planning to not let us take photos of the subway? (not effective until… next year). Kind of odd, though – I mean, while there may be security reasons, how is this going to be enforced? And, what if someone is a sketch artist? ACLU says there is at least the 1st amendment defense to all this…

    I can’t believe the weekend’s almost over; aargh.

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