Er, BIC?

Since when is the best interest of the child not served by being separated from her natural parents? I’m curious to know what the Tennessee burden is in this case

Anyone point a law link to this to explain the judge’s reasoning? Couldn’t quite tell from the news article blurb.


Accuser, Accused, Survivor, Attire

Kenneth Cole BarongAPAs in the news: Head of Iraq Inquiry Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba reporting on Geneva Convention violations; NJ Superior Court Judge Randolph Subryan accused of sexual harrassment.; American Idol contestant Jasmine Trias continues on as LaToya is voted out.

Received honorary Filipino status today by going to a board meeting in a Kenneth Cole shirt P- got me. It looks like a baby-blue barong tagalog (unlike the picture, there’s a flap on my shirt that covers the buttons), except it’s done in easy to care for cotton, and not the itchy, have-to-dry-clean-every hour piña cloth .