Fast Train to the Future

Film Review: 2046 (The Guardian)

The long-awaited (5 years, 3 different locales, random plot and actor-switching) Wong Kar Wai movie 2046 finally opened on Thursday to acclaim. It had to postpone its press showing Wednesday because Wong was flying with the last 20% of the film with him, and he missed his connection to France from Bangkok. It’s a sequel to In the Mood For Love, which I just watched on Netflix. In the Mood is about unrequited love set in 1960’s Hong Kong (my father was there until 1965), and it is really interesting to see what life was like in that time. From the press photos, the new movie continues its luxurious rich reds and blues, but incorporates sci-fi themes. The movie continues in the late 60’s with Tony Leung’s character dreaming about love and riding a train to the future. “2046” is the main character’s hotel room number, as well as the year Hong Kong’s special administrative status with China will end, both of which are examined in the film. Of course, a movie with Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong and Maggie Cheung — four of the hottest Chinese actresses today — can’t be missed. I hear that it will open in Asia in October — can’t wait to see it, maybe at the SF Asian Film Festival?

On the train last night, the group conversation was about “What were your worst train experiences?”. I seemed to have the record. For worst train experience not personally impacting me, there was the time the train I was riding ran over someone in the tunnel. They didn’t let us know what was happening until we got lead back to the station through another train that they hooked up to the back of the one we were on. Then there was the time I was randomly punched in the mouth by some dude getting off of the train. I think it was a racial bias thing, but the upshot is that it chipped a tooth. Then the worst one was when I was followed off a train and was stabbed with a machete. That was like almost 15 years ago when the City was still Dodge. That being said, the City and the subway are a lot better than it used to be.

I’m going to Philadelphia with P– on Saturday, and then seeing Shrek 2 in NY on Sunday.

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