Yet another mid-week

Hmm. This whole Bob Woodward new book thing in the news just seems so puzzling.

Hmm. I kept channel-changing on Sunday, and saw parts of that odd piece of Star Trek canon – “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” I’ve seen it once and thought it was the strangest thing. Of course, maybe I was too young to appreciate it. But, frankly, I still think it’s the strangest thing – Admiral James T. Kirk wants his ship back; he gets it, putting the commanding officer, Will Decker, to the side. Kirk, in fact, brings his entire old crew together – McCoy, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and even Chapel (the nurse in the series, now a doctor). Will Decker gets to swallow his angst over the fact that one of the new officers, Lieutenant Ilia, is an ex-love interest of his. To cut to the chase, Decker and Ilia made for quite the compelling ending for the movie – their lines were kind of dumb, but their chemistry was nice (which says a lot for the actors) and so their end was sad, even if the movie played it as something triumphant and life-affirming – in a strange, surreal, and Kirk-carefree way. This movie could have been done just a bit better. Really, it should have been. But, it goes Kirk all the way, when I think Decker could’ve gotten a lot more. (and still explaining why I can’t watch “Seventh Heaven” on WB without wondering about poor old Decker now as wise Reverend Camden…). Hmm.

Hmm. (4/21/04) Wednesday’s next “Angel” – getting exciting.

Hmm. The current Doonesbury comics strip storyline (follow it in your newspapers or on’s portal to the Doonesbury site) – quite dramatic. Various buzz on line is that the Doonesbury scribe, Garry Trudeau, is doing one of his dramatic twists on his characters. For those not in the know, Trudeau sent one of his cast, B.D., to Iraq as one of the army reserves; B.D. appears injured – but how seriously isn’t clear yet. Gosh, I hope he doesn’t go for a character death – his storylines can be compelling and yet make a statement about the current events – but the mortality route of things would be so sad for B.D.’s friends and family (I know, I know, maybe I’m taking it too seriously, but there are folks in the ‘net taking it far more seriously than I am).

On the civil rights front: local bar associations and law schools are continuing the commemoration of the Brown v. Board of Education seminal case. Attend one of them; you’ll learn something about where we have been and maybe where we’re going.

On the Asian front: there’s the NY Times article on the upcoming new musical, “Bombay Dreams” – sounds interesting – all this drama in just creating a drama; and then trying to figure out how to be true to Bollywood tradition but also appeal to British and American mainstream musical tastes. All we need is a good musical, that’s all I ask.

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