More mid-week stuff

Comic strip “Doonesbury” shocker – the character B.D., whom cartoonist Trudeau sent to Iraq as an army reservist, was gravely injured during the Iraq insurgency. Trudeau pulled off quite an imagery – not only has B.D. lost a leg, he’s gone helmet-less (this is a character who has never been without his helmet in the 30 years of the comic strip – it’s an integral part of him as much as his limb) – surely a first time ever, under such horrible conditions. Double whammy, the removal of the helmet surely symbolic of the more bodily loss. One may not always agree with Trudeau, but one has to hand it to him for the impact of his artistry. has an article wherein a panel taste-test gourmet potato chips. Very amusing. Grease makes a chip, but can cause a heart attack; “gourmet”-ness may not do much for either a chip or a heart attack.

As points out, the current Supreme Court case about the detainees/enemy combatants/etc. at Guantanamo Bay raises a good question: “How’d We get Gitmo?”

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