Fits and Starts

On the Q train, a young Chinese woman faints on the train. Everyone rushes to help her up on to the bench seat. As the train enters Pacific street, she revives and manages to get off the train. She waits again on the R side of the platform with a couple of the other riders from the Q train. She turns white as a sheet and slowly slumps to the ground again, wound down. MTA workers are called for – after a few moments being examined by a female worker wearing an orange construction vest, the woman recovers and jumps into the just-arrived R train, against the advice of the platform crew. I hope she’s OK.

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  1. This morning on the R, at Whitehall, on the car I was riding, someone bumped into another lady and the lady went screaming, “Don’t touch me…” Apparently, she got too upset over what must’ve started out trivial. Somehow the train keeps moving, although I would have thought that with all the shouting that the police would’ve gotten off the Whitehall platform and intervened. At Rector, I get off to go to work, but the upset lady (ladies?) get off too still huffy about whatever happened. The noise level got pretty high and altered any hopes to lightly doze in peace.

    People in the subways during rush hour (any hour?) do not get healthy, I daresay – mentally or physically…

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