It is official!

I am now husband and wife according to the laws of Malaysia. It’s pretty neato to be married by an uncle of mine :-).

It’s hot here boys and girls! We had a torrential downpour yesterday and it is still awfully hot and humid. Ipoh is hotter than Kuala Lumpur. Hanging out here in an internet cafe waiting to hook up with A J.

Hope you folks are doing well.


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  1. And the crowd goes wild! Cheers and Screams

    March 4th – 7th I’m going to be in SF with P–. If you’re not doing anything on the 6th, want to do a napa run, and then later go out for dinner in SF?

  2. Congratulations! (and sorry about the rain and humidity; funny how we’re finally in the 40’s in temperature in NYC, and yet it’s still nippy in the air)…

  3. Oh man, I’m sorry F C, but my plans have changed. I am staying a bit longer here in KL. Need to hang around for the I-130 application at the KL Consulate and hope to get that done this Friday, or else Monday. I’ll be attending a PMI-MY conference on the March 8th and then head over to Taipei again for about 10 days with A J. If things go well there then my life will really take another wild turn.

    Enjoy your time in the Bay Area. I would suggest to limit your time in Napa because it is really commercialized and costly for the wine tours/tastings. I suggest you go up Mendocino, Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley wine country. Do a google search and some good sites will pop up. You might want to see Niebaum-Coppola in Napa this time since we missed it last time. Remember that St Supery wine tours are 10am and 3pm. There is also a port place in Napa near V. Sattui and St Supery. Also a sake place south of Napa in the Carneros region I believe. If you have wheels, go to John Muir woods, just north of Sausalito. Bodega Bay is very nice too.

    I’m sorry I missed you two this time around. Next time.


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