Article on Architecture

I liked this NY Times article that critiques the architectural design of the Port Authority’s new PATH station at the World Trade Center site. It’s beautifully written and it makes a lot of sense. For a temporary site (well, temporary to the extent that it’ll be the station for the next four or five years), it is very beautiful – concrete, steel, and some art, and no ads. I’ve been at the new PATH station four times now (due to NJ CLE), and I’m amazed by how nicely done it is – parts of the underground was so familiar – if you pass by the side connecting to the R/W subway station (formerly the R/N station), you can almost remember the Warner Brothers store that was there and can try to recall the Borders down the other way. The designs for the permanent transportation hub (to give the sense of a bird in flight) is nice, but this current site is a good transition.

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