The Apprentice

Breast for Success

I don’t know if anyone is catching this latest “reality” TV show but I think in terms of “reality” it has much more of it than the others. Before I left, I caught the one episode where they were dressed in airline stewardess uniforms and kicked the mens’ ass with it. Yeah, sure, sex sells.

The telling statement is this: “These guys have nothing—not power, not sex.” It’s even more true when you consider women make up more than half the work force and the mid-level managers are also probably staffed at that level. Anecdotally, of the people who are out of work, here in Silicon Valley, it’s the men who are out of work and falling back on their wive’s job.

On a side note, my Taiwan trip hit a glitch. I ate a really bad (super hot) chili at a Thai place in 101 Taipei Center and it knocked me out for a whole day. Slowly recovering….


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  1. Oh, “The Apprentice” – I’ve been still watching it – and, yes, it really is guilty watching tv because it’s so annoying watching these women trip over themselves by exploiting their sexuality, and the men be – well, men (or so the producers would try to make you think is the case). Tonight was downright predictable – Trump fires A Pretty Girl because she couldn’t tell Mean African-American Pageant Contest Girl to Stop Being Mean and he like people to Stick Up For Themselves. And, yet, I watched. I need better stuff to watch, I tell you!

    Speaking of Taipei 101 – PBS recently had a documentary shown about the big Asian skyscrapers in the context of skyscrapers’ innovation and how the latest skyscrapers like Taipei 101 takes safety into account, due to Sept. 11, 2001. And, as a piece of architecture, apparently Taipei 101 is a nice looking skyscraper, with Chinese design elements, as opposed to being mere giant pole sticking in the air. Is Taipei 101 as amazing as they make it seem like it is? Just curious.

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