Taiwan Day 5

The city is finally catching up to me…..

Full day of walking and taking public transportation. My feet are killing me like I’d just walked 5 miles over speed bumps. The nice day really helped and got to see parts of “old Taipei”, a place called Xinzhuang which is the first stop/city over the river from “new” Taipei. This is really a suburb of the city itself.

Crossing the bridge, you were immediately confronted with the sights and sounds of a very busy city remaking itself. Lots of construction and in particular a city-intersection where a new subway stop is being built. This of course just really aggravated the traffic situation. Still, it cool to see a city in action. I met up with a friend and we immediately hit the market area and had some great noodles and side dishes, Taiwan style. THen we walked around the market some more, which is a typical “night market” feel but in the day time. Hawkers of all types. Predominant though is food which naturally appealed greatly to my gastronomic senses. So, in terms of “eye candy” there is definitely quite a bit of the usual suspects but also of the food variety. My eyes being bigger than my stomach can handle.

Nevertheless, I attacked the issue head…er stomach on this evening, having Taiwan style hot-pot. I ate so much it hurt. Walked around some and then hit a dessert place on the corner in another market area to have some hot red bean soup with taro style gelatin. All in all, great stuff. Blew out my diet and hurt my feet with all the walking. But it was worth it.

Let’s see what’s in store for tomorrow….


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