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Dean, Lobotomized

I saw snipits of that interview. Shocked to see Dr. Steinberg (aka the Mrs. Dean). Diane Sawyer made the same point I did and I think it’s totally appropriate:

“Dr. Judith Steinberg, M.D., explained that she stays at home because she has her own private practice and my patients are my patients and they really depend on me and I really love it. It’s not something I can say, “Oh, you can take over for a month.” It just doesn’t work like that.”

Sorry, doc, but it does work like that. Your hubby is interviewing for the biggest job in the country, arguably the whole world, President of the United States of America. Guess what your job is? Not Doctor, it’s First Lady.

I think Dean is sunk. He hasn’t recovered from losing Iowa. Now he could pull second in Hampshire which would float him for a while but I think Edwards and Clark are going to be the voter’s favored choice over Dean. Not sure whether Kerry is going to end up being the winner at the end of the race. I don’t think he can beat Bush. I’m pulling for Clark now but the numbers don’t look good for him. Dean will end up being like what Senator McCain was in 2000. Everything but the winner of his party’s nominee for President.


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