Interesting stuff

I have got to stay away from political stuff already, but – as the NY Times notes – these Vermont tapes of Dr. Dean’s gubernatorial days are fascinating for the nuance he has demonstrated in the past (but has been pressed to show these days). Then again, do voters want nuanced candidates (which Kerry sort of is, if we listen to him or check his voting record) or something else?

Right now on Mars – the little rover Opportunity has landed. This is amazing stuff.

As someone who majored in history in college, the impending release of Justice Blackmun’s papers sounds exciting to me. It also shows one pro argument to being a pack rat – you get to be adored by scholars for your treasure trove. (of course, we still have to think about the one con argument, like that guy in the news who was almost crushed by his piles of stuff; you can’t keep everything, unless you’re a Supreme Court justice with a Library of Congress to which you could donate the stuff).