In NYC: The newsradio awakens me on a Saturday morning to say that it’s 3 degrees Farhenheit, with a windchill (or, as 1010 WINS news says, “Real Feel”) of minus 30 degrees (!!!). What the heck kind of winter is this? It has also been distressing reading in the newspaper about people in the city with apartment buildings with no heat or hot water – one building’s indoor temperature was 46 degrees. That is unquestionably inhumane, under these conditions.

Tonight is football or figure skating on tv. Take your pick (or poison). Not like the teams I like are on, so I’d go with figure skating myself. But, the weather here is perfect for those Green Bay folks – go Green Bay! (Brett Favre has been downright inspirational lately, even if he personally may not feel very inspired due to his dad’s passing away) (and, yeah, well, leave me alone about the Giants and Jets; my siblings and I have been snickering about Coughlin’s inaugural speech as the Giants’ new head coach – is it a requirement to be an amusing talking head to lead NY teams? At any rate, the real team to be moaning about in NY right now is the Knicks…)

Speaking of the Knicks, MSG folks have given broadcasting rights to NYC’s local Cantonese radio station (home games only). Interesting to hear a baseketball game in Cantonese. Yao Ming may or may not have been a big draw for MSG; seeing Jeff Van Gundy and Patrick Ewing on the Dallas side _with Yao Ming_ – now that was stunning. The Knicks falling down like that against them – even with the returning Brooklyn ex-high school star Stephon Marbury – well, one is going to have to run out of words about that.

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