Cold 2 (or too cold)

I’m still on-line? I must find something decently productive to do soon.

I’ve found out about these while checking websites – looked odd/amusing:
“Which Star Trek captain are you?”

“Which Lord of the Rings character… are you?”

More Mars stuff, on the NASA official website. The Martian terrain is eerie.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly – silly Jessica Simpson and no-less-silly Nick Lachey on the cover. At what point do we stop referring to them as mere newlyweds? They’ve been married to each other for awhile now (most certainly a lifetime long in comparison to Britney Spears’ quickie marriage). Inside the magazine – great article on Sean Astin, the actor who played Sam on “Lord of the Rings” – a balance of humor and information (I forgot that he played “Rudy”). Astin should really get nominated for an Oscar for his work as Sam.

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  1. Captain James T. Kirk- You are the paradigm of the
    Starfleet Captain. You explore the universe.
    You save lives. What’s a few small fractures
    of protocol when you’ve saved the galaxy more
    times than you can count. Hell, you even
    brought peace between the Federations and the

    Which Star Trek Captain are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

  2. I turned out to be Picard and Sam. (Picard – no surprise; I’m such a TNG sort and some of the answers were a little obvious as to who the type would be; Sam was a bit of a surprise, but perhaps not, in hindsight).

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