Where’s the rage?!

RE: Officials: WMD chief may quit

I’m totally dismayed but not surprised that people have not taken up arms on this latest development. Perhaps it’s just too much Iraq and bad news and people would rather just bury it and move on with life’s mundane issues — like where’s my next job coming from? All the critics can and should gloat about this. Bush has so set back America’s credibility and standing in the world with its cowboy foreign policy. Only someone who’s never stepped outside of America could come up with such a brain damaged policy. Poor hick white trash, art thou Mr President. Yale should disown your legacy and bestow it upon more worthy candidates.

However, this is something the pundits and Democrats needs to latch onto and beat Bush into a pulp even though Saddam has been caught. Good news however… Bush is still laboring under the weight of the poor economy and people feel there’s a need for a new president. See Re-Elect Numbers Still Behind in Newest Zogby Poll
for some news on this. In a perverse way, I was hoping that the economic malaise would continue unabated into 2005 which would insure a resounding Bush defeat in the 2004 elections (You know the old adage about history repeating itself). Even now I think that 2004 won’t see much but 2005 and 2006 we will see significant improvement in the employment/economic sector. 2004 will be full of empty pyschological placebos, to make people think that things are better, when in fact, that is so far from the truth. An economic paradigm shift is occurring and the professional class is not immune to the same fate that befell the blue-collar class.

So, a wish for a depressed 2004 so we can have a brighter future in 2005 ….


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