Person of the Year

Time magazine named the Person of the Year. Now I know no one’s going to believe me as I say this on-line after the fact, but I swear, a couple of days ago, I was telling my family that I think that the U.S. military ought to have be named the people of the year. Like most people, I have certain views of the George W. Bush administration, but I also felt that no matter how one felt about the war in Iraq and how things were going in Afghanistan, one should salute the military for the work done, the fears faced, and the courage and duty with which the troops are continuing to follow through. Of course, I didn’t think Time magazine would really do what I thought should be done. My predictions are never that good (tv shows I like get cancelled; re: 2000 elections; etc).

But, lo and behold – Time did it – the magazine named “The American Soldier” as person of the year. It’s not about one person, man or woman; it’s not about which division or what; or about even in one achievement. Congratulations to the troops; they did so much during the recent years and the work isn’t over yet. Looking forward to the issue in my mailbox.

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