Golden Globes

This is a rare moment, for once I cared to see what the nominees are as a precursor to the Oscars which I find to be as numbing as novacaine.

I’m shocked that The Last Samurai didn’t garner a nomination for Best Picture, Drama. Looks like this movie is going to be shut out. It’s a crime. So is this some punishment for Tom Cruise by the Hollywood society over Nicole Kidman (still?). Conspiracy theorists where art thou.


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  1. I still don’t know how serious I should take the Golden Globes. They always felt like advertising campaigns – “Nominated for Best Comedy/Musical by Golden Globes!” – for movies just in time for the holidays, rather than actual prognosticators for the Oscars. At least watching the Golden Globes makes for weird tv – it’s like Bizarro Award show, because something weird always spontaneously happens. Their nomination of “West Wing” for best dramatic tv series irrititates me; so is the nomination for “Will and Grace” (watching the reruns of the 1st season of “Will and Grace” reminds me of how funny it once was; watching anything in the last couple of seasons makes me think the series is just a guest-star vehicle). I can’t believe they already nominated “Arrested Development” – the show has only been on for half-a-season! I wouldn’t expect the Emmies people to follow suit by next summer. Golden Globes folks are strange.

  2. I had always thought that the real awards were the Golden Globes … being less political and more “industry” awards than the Oscars.

    Anyways, no reason for why I cared this year when in the past, I could’ve cared less hmmm…..

    Oh yes, I agree 100% with you about Will and Grace. What an amazing and refreshing show early on! Now, it’s yet another hack with pretty lame writing. Too bad.


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