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This week’s Time magazine was good subway reading. Coverage and analysis of Saddam Hussein’s capture. Coverage and analysis of the latest Afghanistan problems. Coverage and analysis of Howard Dean/Al Gore. Commentary on the early, non-canonical Christian gospels. Pictures of the year. Good stuff. I’m making my guesses about the person of the year, but I’m sure we’ll all be surprised. Maybe. has some good postings: “Do Muslims and Christians worship the Same God?” , which made a lot more sense than the mouths of the politically incorrect/ignorant. Michael Kinsley discusses “the politics of mixed emotions”, wherein Kinsley examines the dilemma of politicians, when they’re not the folks to demonstrate nuanced reactions even if they do feel less than proud about a given situation.

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  1. My Muslim friend’s are very clear about this … all of us worship the same God.

    As an outsider looking in, my limited view of the Muslim faith is that peace/submission are intertwined, diametrically opposite the common view that is portrayed as Muslim’s being fanatical and warriors. Now, this may simply be a case of the few “bad apples” ruining it for all the “good apples” and media biases given what they are, are doing major dis-service to all good Muslim’s.

    I believe, it’s the evangelical’s who have their theology all messed up.


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