Yesterday’s “Alias”

Yesterday’s episode of “Alias” was quite good. Some gore, the usual amounts of violence, bizarre dream sequences, plot twistiness to jumble the brain (“uh, ok, so Secret Agent Sydney and Crew have to create a cover story to fool the Feds, and then do this, but then the Feds are on to them, and so Sydney et al. have to do what? And, Sloane has to kill Sydney, but guess who’s alive after all…??!!!”). Plus some really eccentric guest characters (were the writers taking some narcotics? Considering that one flakey character who likes hugs and making untimely remarks, hmm.).

Actually, come to think of it, the bizarreness reminded me of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episodes (the one with Data and his dreams and all the crazy ones about the holodeck; but Star Trek never had the levels of gore and violence “Alias” has). It’s all about kooky fun, wrapped in a nice sci-fi/dramatic setting.

Ah, and will there be a revelation, as Sydney opens the door in her mind, to finally (!) resolve the half-season’s worth of questions? Am I glad next week is a new episode; the suspense will get to me…

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