Thanksgiving commercials

True Value commercial – wherein Santa, the elf, Frosty, and some girl who looks like she’s the Tooth Fairy, are all on a road trip in an SUV. True Value says buy stuff from us. The elf says, “Read the map, Santa.” They see some plastic Santa up ahead and the real Santa says, “Am I that fat?” Uh… (funny commercial; but still wouldn’t know what True Value wants from me).

Target’s post-Thanksgiving weekend sale commercial – great. Bespectacled man plays a rockin’ drum beat; a young woman next to him plays along with her identical drum set. They look like they’re having loads of fun and yell, “Let’s go!” and played even more. Yeah, Target’s trying to get some energy into you to go out there and shop.

Not bad; right on message. Extra credit to Target.

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